Covered Bridge

This covered bridge is a reproduction of a typical covered bridge in New-Brunswick at the beginning of the 20th century.  Also, on each facade we could read the following:  $20.00 fine for driving on the bridge faster than a walk.

The covered bridges first started in New-England at the end of the 20th century.  This type of bridge became popular and we can see them in a lot of canadian provinces. This type of bridge is built with wood, as this material, at that time, was economic and resourceful.  The popularity of these bridges in New-Brunswick is due to its longevity.  Indeed, as these bridges have a roof, the covered bridges can last at least 50 years longer than a traditional wood bridge who last only fifteen years. `The roofs preserves the bridges from different storms.

There also more advantages:  the floor stays dry and is safer; no need to clear the snow during winter; the shape of the bridge recalls the entrance of a stable which reassures the horses, and the bridge becomes a rest area for travelers and a place to post publicity.

These bridges were also called the « kissing bridges. » They had a reputation, as the roof, at night, offered a dark place to boys and girls who wanted to do things they were not allowed to do before they get married.