McGraw House

This house was built by Onésime McGraw in 1901. Originally located in Losier Settlement, it was purchased by the Village Historique Acadien on October 31, 2007 and restored between 2008 and 2009 to its 1915 condition.

Born in 1874, Onésime McGraw, a descendant from an Irish immigrant who settled in Tracadie in the late 1790s, married Catherine Drisdelle in 1900 in the Saint John the Baptist and Saint Joseph parish of Tracadie-Sheila Shortly after their marriage, Onésime built the house and the couple lives in it as early as 1901. The following year, an extension is added at the rear and serves as a kitchen. Between 1900 and 1921, the couple had eleven children, all born in this house, but unfortunately, three died at an early age.

The youngest daughter, Laurraine, was logically the one who should have inherited the family home, but she died in 1951. Her husband, Pierre Rousselle, took on as his second wife Clara Duguay. Catherine died in 1952 and Onésime in 1959. Upon the latter’s death, the house passes on to Pierre. In this way, the house passes from the McGraws to the Rousselles.

Used as a licensing office in the 1960s, the house however became obsolete and Pierre decided to build a new home in 1973, leaving the old one. It is thus in an abandoned state that the house is turned over by Rosella Robichaud to the Village Historique Acadien to be restored and kept as a part of the Acadian heritage.