Nicolas D. Thériault general store

This building is a faithful reproduction of the general store owned by Nicolas D. Thériault in 1924 at the corner of routes 135 and 325 in Trudel, New Brunswick.

Born in 1885, Nicolas in 1909 took over management of his father Dominique’s store and three years later he bought the title to it. His father had built it in 1903.

In 1914, Nicolas starts expanding his business. He has a warehouse built as an annex at the rear of the store where he can keep merchandise bought in bulk. As for perishable goods, they are stored in the building’s cellar and the upper floor is used for furniture: beds, mattresses, even coffins. In 1917, Nicolas has a gas pump installed and a little oil shed close to the store.

In 1924, Nicolas proceeds to large-scale renovations. On the front wall of the store, large windows are put in, a new entrance and panels give a squared-up look to the front. The building is then painted inside and out. However, the panels added upon the renovations had to be removed the following year, as in high winds, they shook up the whole front wall.

The Village Historique Acadien has decided to interpret the Nicolas D. Thériault general store as it was after the renovations, but before the front wall was removed. Today, the original building houses apartments.