Ouellet Tinsmith

In New-Brunswick, the tinsmith business settles rather slowly. If we find some shops, it surely is in the large anglophone centers at the end of the 1860's years. It's only about ten years later that tinsmiths settle in a few acadian communities. The tinsmith at the Village Historique Acadien is a reproduction of the Ferdinand Ouellet boutique situated on Main Street in Shediac. It's interpreted as in 1905. Ouellet seems to be a leading character in Shediac during those years, as we see him as the first municipal council in Shediac. In his store, besides making a lot of usual things, he sells stoves coming from the Sussex casting.

The construction of the tinsmith building is typical of most of the boutiques and stores at the beginning of the 1900 years:  vertical half-timbering construction, large windows in the front, and on each side of the door; inside, there's the shop by itself and a little boutique in the back.  As for all the businesses, this one is built close to the road, whereas family houses are far from the road.