Refreshment at the Village historique acadien

It's the 39th season for the unavoidable attraction in New-Brunswick and it's in this large revisited space that we propose lots of new things.

The three million  visitors who came at the Village since it's opening and the ten of thousands who came each year, confirm the tourists interests and identification of our institution and its quality.  We can say that for a long time, the Village proved its relevance. However, these successes must not make us forget the necessity to evolve in the cultural equipment matters and in the new clienteles demands. 

In the last ten years, the number of visitors reduced and their needs have changed.  The relation to the heritage has evolved,  and the rules of access to the tourists products changed.  These new visitors now expects more than a few years back, they're expecting new approaches.
It's by this motivation nourrished by the new expectations of the public that the Village staff put themselves in the drawing board. We looked at new ways to reinvent , present and keep alive and sell an old classic.The challenge, to facilitate the crossing to different clienteles in which they can find benefits and unique experiences, says the director-general of the VHA, Sylvain Godin.
Today we introduce a new image accompanied by a lot of changes in our products and in our partnerships.

This season, we have a new partner in our crew, Mr. Sébastien Roy from the Distillerie Fils du Roy.   With him, we will offer an outstading local product, being a unique beer at the Village, l'Aboiteau.  But with Sébastien it's more than the Aboiteau beer; it's also the installation of a microbrewery which will permit us to brew, on the spot, a little beer monthly that we will be able to taste on the spot.

Within the framework of our strategy of visibility, one of the exploited element is the aspect to get closer to our communities. For this, we developed a partnership with the Festival Acadien de Caraquet, the Uproar shops, the festival la Tradition de Bertrand with a violon camp and with the Oktoberfest during which we will offer beers shops, here, at the Café-Bistro.

We also reviewed the Children's Day camp.  There will be a new main activity each day, with more traditional activities. Children will have a chance to make accessories for the Tintamarre and a little bit of cinema.

Novelties also rhyme with new image and new marketing tools.  Following a consultation with friends of the VHA and partners, numerous comments supported the choice of our new image, of the little girl in the grass.«It makes me laugh....the emotional side goes well with the smile of this little attracts the attention of parents, grand-parents and clienteles to join us, says France Lessard», strategist in tourism.

«Laying in the grass, is comforting, it reminds us of the good old time for a lot of people and it makes me think of the village and the comfort we feels when we walk»