Ward House

The Ward house is built by Thomas Ward around 1887-1890. Thomas built a house close to when he got married in1886. He also needed a house, as his father got married again and started a new family with his young wife, 37  years younger than him and Thomas cannot live with them anymore. The Ward house is on Ward Road, near Vibert Street in Miscou.

The house belongs to Thomas until he died in 1919, and his son Dana inherit the house. Following this, the house becomes the property of the two Ward brothers, Stillman, name Still and Nelson. In 1995, the house is sold to Rita and François Gendron, Rita being the niece of the two brothers and daughter of Virginia, Still and Nelson's sister.

In 2000, the Ward house becomes the property of the Association touristique de la Péninsule acadienne Inc. and is transfered near the reception building at the Village historique acadien. It becomes a tourist house, meaning a tourist bureau for visitors.  However, the tourist house closed his doors and is moved again in 2008 on the Village Historique Acadien's site in the 20th century section.