Historical animation - Birth of a child

Monday, 9 July 2018, 13 h 30

The midwife has been summoned. Victorine’s pregnancy is about to reach its term. The young husband is restless, for the event is not without risk. While families can be large and mothers can be proud to have given birth to whole flocks of children, childbirth too often comes to a tragic end. The doctor is called upon only in extreme cases, and by the time someone decides to fetch him, he often arrives too late. But today, we expect everything to go smoothly and the little family will be enriched with a new life. Because spectators will want to go on with their visit of the site, we have condensed an event that could have taken the better part of a day.

The playlet is acted out in French, but the actors will gladly answer your questions afterward. Visitors will discover some of the superstitions concerning family and childbirth.