Historical animation - A wedding proposal

Monday, 2 July 2018, 13 h 30

The wedding proposal took on a real importance for Acadians in the olden days, and it followed a rather elaborate ritual. The union of two young spouses was an event whose import far exceeded the narrow frame of kinfolk and neighborhood. In this playlet, many have come to see the young suitor, who is somewhat embarrassed by all this display, make his momentous move. The father in this case, who like many Acadians is a bit of a tease, will play with his future son-in-law’s embarrassment. But what is the purpose of all of these questions and clarifications about the girl’s capacities, the boy’s financial situation? It is to ensure that the neighbors and friends who are present are well aware that the couple is entering their new life with all the necessary requirements. The playlet is in French, but the actors will gladly answer your questions after their performance.