Café-Bistro du Village

The Village Café-Bistro is located at the Welcome center. Its the ideal place to relax and have a meal, before or after your visit, in a cordial atmosphere.

Don't forget to get fresh bread of the day, a great coffee or our famous sugar pie!

For beer amateur, you will find l'Aboiteau, a pale specially brewed for us by the master brewer of the distillery Le Fils du Roy.

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La Table des Ancêtres Restaurant

Enjoy traditionnal acadian meal at the Dugas House, wich is located behind the blacksmith’s shop on the historical site.

Open everyday from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm

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Post Houses

Our two post houses, Poirier and Frenette, offer a choice of light snacks: sandwiches, vegetables, different drinks, etc.  

You are also welcome to bring your own snack or lunch : microwave ovens and picnic tables are available for your convenience.  

These post houses are great places to take a break and relax before enjoying the rest of your visit with us.


Hôtel Château Albert Bar

The hotel bar welcomes you in a relax atmosphere.

The outdoor terrace also offers a pleasant setting to quietly sip refreshments and appreciate the scenery surrounding the Hôtel Château Albert .