The Village historique acadien will gladly receive comments about your visit to our site. We hope your stay with us will be memorable and rich in stories. 

Some messages sent to us:

James Stokes-Rees had his photo taken with his bike by our covered bridge wich was his 59th of 62 to visit in New Brunswick!


September 26, 2011
My wife and I had the good fortune to be the sole “guests” of the madame of Maison Leger one morning in late August. We had initiated our visit of the Village the previous day, ending up at Maison Leger at closing time when the madame was telling a story, in french, to a family. The impact of this story (neither of us understands french) was telling; a family member wiped a tear from her eye. This house would be our first stop the next day.  We were alone with her. We asked her if she might be able to translate what she had been relating to the family the day before. Some twenty minutes later, having been transported through a gamut of emotions, we departed  our lady of Maison Leger, the better informed about the history of Acadiens, and in love with your lady.

We respectfully submit you have on your staff a plum. We would hope you might consider recording her story (she indicated that had not occurred, yet). :  on the photo:  Martine Morais Matteau.
Lastly, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit at Village historique acadien. Thanks.
Margaret Camara and Sandy Witherell
Shoreham, Vermont

Greetings to you all,
Thank you for your precious informations. Our trip was a succes, except for the weather, on which nobody has any control. We visited you FABULOUS site for two days. We arrived on the day you were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city, so we were treated with the visit of the back-scenes with Ginette and it has been magical. We recieved tons of privileged informations that made us appreciate and understand even more the rest of our visit. We had to come back the day after to finish, because one day wasn't enough to see it all. To our big surprise, when we visited the McGraw house, we saw our back-scenes guide Ginette, who was also the impersonator of "Mrs. McGraw". She welcomed us with open arms, just as if we were close friends or family. We established a great complicity of a few moments and we will never forget those magic moments that we shared with you. My daughters, who are 10 and 12 loved that activity and it was their favorite in all our trip in your nice province. We understood better what your ancesters had to go through and the strenght that your people had to keep its language and its rites and customs alive. Congrats to all your interpretors, they do a terrefic job. 

Please give our best to Mis. Ginette Mallet (Mrs. McGraw) and thanks again for that great welcome. WOW!! What a nice site, I recommend it to everyone.

Valérie Hébert

(Christian Girard, Raphaelle and Audrey-Anne Girard, also Lise Boissonneault and Jacques Hébert) the Saguenay gang.

Dear Sir,

We visited the Village Historique Acadien this summer during our stay in New Brunswick. I want to tell you that our day at the Village was one of the finest days of our stay this summer. We wish to thank you and your staff for the warm welcome that characterizes all those who work at your Village. Thanks to all of you for your welcome.

The Montreuil family

I want to thank the people in the houses for their kindness, patience and good humour. They work hard and their work is appreciated.

There was an incessant flow of tourists strolling on the site. I would have liked to take part in activities for those like me, who are in no hurry and like to ask tons of questions. Perhaps on a future visit…

At any rate, I was completely taken in and enchanted. All of the houses, the gardens, the river and the everything were superb, with lots of attention to detail. It hits us with a strong feeling of nostalgia; it brings to our memory our grandparents whom we knew when we were children and who have now passed away.

Claire Gagnon


We are a family of 5 including 3 little girls (3 ½, 5 and 6 ½ years old) who visited the Village Historique Acadien last July and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were spellbound. We went on two days (4 hours each time) and the children were sad to leave. The parents found it wonderful to have such a good time and still better to see their children enjoying themselves. Every interpreter was attentive to them and they could ask their questions and give their impressions. The visit was magnificent, inspiring, and touching too. One really had the feeling of being in a special world. Hats off to your achievement. Hats off to every member of your staff, particularly the actors who are a reflection of the work of everyone.

Mrs. Cyr was particularly charming with our daughters and they adored her. They talk about her sometimes, about her kindness, her attentions and her bread, and they would like to see her again. For them, Mrs. Cyr really exists and lives where we met her. Thank you for this lovely encounter.

Josée Godin St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec

Dear Tavern-keeper Poirier (Mr. Pitre)

Promises are to be kept. So, as promised, I am sending you a little postcard from Brittany to share with you a little part of my country as you have so well told us about yours.

Acadia is a magnificent place, the landscapes are superb and the inhabitants are the warmest, most welcoming people I have met until now. I keep of your Acadia wonderful memories and hope to go back one day.

On behalf of my mother and myself, thank you.

– Myriam and Françoise