Cormier's Woodworking Shop

The woodworking shop at the Village historique acadien represent Hubert Cormier's shop of Caraquet around 1875. It's from his son Ladislas that the Village historique acadien got the information to rebuild his father's workshop. Dilas, as we named him, lived until the age of 103 years old and died on June 5th, 1981.

The woodworker manufactures different things made of wood, especially doors and windows. In a lot of acadian villages, there was at least one woodworker. The woodworker, and a cartwright on occasion, can also manufacture and repair plows, ladders, pails, tanks, sleighs, furniture and coffins. With time, woodworkers got wood turning lathes in their shop.

In the shop we find different objects or tools that serve to build doors, windows, and all kind of furniture. We can see different kinds of saws, handsaws and two-handed saws.  For the maintenance of saws, we found vice-grips for sharpening and a screwdriver to rectify the saws' teeth.

The woodworker have lots of planes and trying planes.  The planes are used to reduce short pieces and put up the ends. The larger planes and trying planes are used for bigger pieces of wood. Concerning the planes with grooves, they are used especially to make groove boards.  In the workshop we can also see braces which serve to make holes in different pieces of wood, augers, used to make holes in the barrels to put the  faucets in place, different measuring tools such as brackets, levels, marking gauges, rules, folding foot-rules and different files and sharpening stones.


  • Half-timbering squeleton
  • Two ply membrane roofs with low slopes
  • Two large entrance doors
  • Sash windows
  • Back door